Bio grain dryers

Heat exchanger or INDIRECT FLAME

The Esma grain dryer with heat exchanger is an indirect flame drying system which expels the combustion residues to the outside via a vent stack so that they do not come into contact with the cereal, thus conserving its organoleptic properties.  

Once dried, the cereal will maintain its freshly harvested characteristics and fragrance.

We guarantee you a genuine, clean, environment-friendly end product, suited to all needs and compliant with all health and hygiene standards.

The heat exchanger is entirely designed and produced by Esma and is made of special thermal steel suited to the highest temperatures reached inside it; this allows improved thermal efficiency resulting in enhanced yield with limited consumption.

In order to maintain the value of your cereal, we advise you NOT TO MIX it with other products dried with direct flame dryers.

NEWS: for anyone interested in testing our indirect flame dryer, every Esma dryer can be designed, right from the start, for conversion from direct flame to indirect flame on request, even if the customer decides to convert at a later stage. Esma will provide adaptation of the combustion chamber thus avoiding replacement of the entire machine, with considerable savings.